Bathroom And Kitchen Renovation Packages

Bathroom and kitchen renovation packages

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are some of the highest usage areas in the home. They are also some of the more labour-intensive rooms to renovate, making it an arduous task for the homeowner to manage alone. Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens offer renovation packages that will make your experience one of pleasure while taking advantage of the significant savings that our buying power brings.

Renovations made easy

We offer a full service in all of our bathroom renovation packages that will remove the need for you to manage multiple tradespeople, deliveries, and schedules providing a fuss-free experience. Whether it be a bathroom or kitchen renovation package you are looking for, our design team will work with you to ensure the ultimate in renovation excellence and convenience.

Cost-saving practises

Creating new kitchen, bathroom or laundry spaces requires many of the same trades and hardware items. If you have multiple rooms in need of a makeover, engaging tradespeople to work on more than one room at a time and purchasing larger quantities of materials can result in considerable savings overall.

Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens will work with you to understand your needs and put together a great value package to transform your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry spaces in the most cost-effective, stress-free manner available.


What do your packages include?

Our bathroom renovation packages include everything you need to successfully complete your renovations. Or perhaps you are looking for a kitchen renovation package. We take care of everything, from concept and design to enlisting the required tradespeople and supplying all of your building materials, fixtures, and fittings. You can confidently proceed with one of our renovation packages knowing there will be no extras needed other than your personal touches such as décor, furniture and accessories.

My kitchen and laundry both need renovating. Should they be done at the same time?

We encourage our customers to consider multi-room renovation packages as it is the best way to reduce your costs. Tradespeople will charge less time for continuous jobs than if they complete one room and then return at a later date to complete another. Your material costs will also be significantly reduced as you will be purchasing larger quantities with fewer deliveries. Multiple renovation packages also mean you will save time in the design stages as you can make a one-time selection of tiles, rather than revisiting the process at a later date.

Which trades are needed to complete a bathroom renovation as opposed to a kitchen renovation?

Bathrooms and kitchens both require plumbing, tiling, painting, electrical work, and cabinetry for a full renovation. This is why we recommend undertaking multiple room renovations. The cost savings in having all of the same trade work included in a one-time quote as opposed to splitting it between two jobs is quite significant. It also provides you with the convenience of the same person completing your renovations.

Do you offer appliances in your packages?

We have a large selection of quality appliances such as ovens, fridges, cooktops, washing machines, and more. We even have coffee machines in our expansive range. You will find every item required in our renovation packages, removing the need for you to shop around and spend time tracking down the correct size or designed appliance to suit your kitchen or bathroom.

What are the cost benefits you provide?

Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens have exclusive buying contracts with some of the best quality suppliers of fixtures, fittings, and accessories in Australia. The cost benefits of having exclusivity are passed on to our customers. Designing renovation packages to suit multiple room renovations results in reduced costs of labour and materials is another example of the cost-saving practices that benefit you when you choose to work with our expert team.