Privacy Policy

Sydney Styles Bathrooms & Kitchens aspires to provide the best service to our customers. In order to do this and fulfil your needs, some personal information is collected which enables us to serve you to the best of our ability. We do everything in our power to protect and respect your information and rights.

The practices Sydney Styles Bathrooms & Kitchens follows to uphold privacy related only to this website (https://sydneystylesbk.com.au) are detailed here in this privacy policy.

Collection of Customer Information

The personal information collected by Sydney Styles Bathrooms & Kitchens enables us to arrange appointments and quotes for potential customers. As such, the information we collect relates to contact information, for example, name, phone number, address and/or email address.

The primary way we collect this information is when you use the ‘Contact Us’ page. On this page, potential customers submit contact information and details of the enquiry. The website then sends this information to the Sydney Styles Bathrooms & Kitchens business manager in an email. The business manager may reply directly to the enquiry or forward it on to the relevant department to respond to.

Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens never share personal information with outside or third-party sources.

An alternative to submitting information on the ‘Contact Us’ page is to call Sydney Styles & Bathrooms directly.

Under no circumstances will this website ever ask for your financial information or request an email to be sent to us with your information. We also request that customer’s do not provide financial information via email or on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Use of Customer Information

The customer information we collect is used only for business purposes to allow us to meet your needs and complete your enquiry. Personal information is never sold or shared with outside parties. It is not used for any other purposes than those discussed with you.

As a part of our service, inquiries, quotes for projects and purchased projects are tracked internally. This allows the relevant team members to ensure quality of service to all customers. This information is never shared with third-parties.

Personal information is protected online and offline.

For questions or to access or alter your personal information, please contact Sydney Styles Kitchens and Bathrooms on 02 8411 2958.