Bathroom Renovation

A fully finished bathroom renovation in Castle Hill

Perfectly Designed Bathrooms

A great bathroom can be so much more than a place you get ready to rush out the door in the mornings. Perfectly designed for both functionality and beauty, your bathroom can be a space you enjoy for relaxing, unwinding and pampering yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your existing bathroom or some modest refurbishment to give it a more contemporary feel, Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens can provide professional, high quality design and installation services, as well as a huge selection of products and accessories, all at highly competitive prices.

Our Bathroom Renovation Services 

  • Complete bathroom, ensuite and powder room renovations.
  • Bathroom suites designed, supplied and fitted including all required fixtures and accessories.
  • Bathroom and plumbing work.
  • Carpentry and plastering work.
  • Wet room and shower waterproofing.
  • Bathroom tiling and flooring.
  • Bathroom electrical installation.
  • Custom designed, manufactured and installed cabinetry.

Bathroom Finishes

Our qualified designers will work with you to help you select the highest quality and best value fittings, fixtures and accessories for your new bathroom. Whether you’re interested in contemporary or traditional designs, budget or high-end, you’ll get the right advice to ensure your bathroom space delivers the functionality you need and the look you want whilst seamlessly integrating into your home.

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Quakers Hill Before 1

Quakers Hill After 1

Quakers Hill Before 2

Quakers Hill After 2

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing, all-in-one corner shower unit or create a new, walk-in shower with a custom-made screen, Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens can offer the best quality products at highly competitive prices. Drawing on their decades of experience in the industry, you can reply on our staff to provide expert advice on the right size shower for your space to achieve the look you’re after without compromising on functionality.

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