Beige and White Bathroom Ideas, Grey and Marble Bathrooms

4 Impressive Beige and White Bathroom Ideas and Concepts

(Plus a Sneak Peek at Our Recent Bathroom Remodeling Project)

Your bathroom may not be a haven of warmth and luxury right now, but it can be.

Well-designed bathrooms exhibit layers of tones, textures and features which are functional and aesthetic. If you want a white or grey and beige bathroom, there is an abundance of design options available. We’ve compiled four beige and white bathroom ideas (including the popular beige marble bathroom concept) to get you inspired.

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Grey Marble Bathroom Makeover

Every beautiful bathroom, at some point, needed a new design.

Here we share with you the before, during and after of a beige marble bathroom makeover. If this cold and uninspiring bathroom can transform into a warm, functional and aesthetically pleasing space, so can your bathroom.

This Sydney bathroom featured stark white walls contrasted by black tiles. The space felt cramped and unloved. It was more reminiscent of an old subway metro bathroom than a haven at home.

After clearing out the old bathroom, we had a blank canvas to implement our custom design and ensure all plumbing was in good condition.

The grey slab tiles tie the layers together, providing a smooth transition from one area to the next. Smart storage solutions were incorporated by way of a recess above the bath and cupboards under the double basins. This bathroom is now a clutter-free and serene haven for our clients to unwind.

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4 Impressive Beige and White Bathroom Ideas and Concepts Not to Miss

Beige and White Bathroom Ideas, Grey and Marble Bathrooms in Sydney. Close up of marble wall finish
1. Natural Materials

When working with beige and white, follow layering principles for a seamless finish. Natural materials such as timber, marble or stone maintain the colour palette while adding texture and depth.

Beige and White Bathroom Ideas with wooden cabinets, Grey and Marble Bathrooms in Sydney

2. Soothing Lighting

Early morning sun, evening sunrises and nights by the fire evoke calm, soothing feelings(*1). Warm colours are picked up by the retina and encourages the brain to relax(*2). To incorporate soothing lighting into your bathroom, look to skylights and large windows. As the sun sets, you can turn to warm lighting sources so you can bath in warm sunlight any time of the day.

Beige and White Bathroom Ideas with long narrow floor space too fill, Bathroom ideas in Sydney

3. Coordinated Colours for Distinct Zones

In the above bathroom, the design is simple but striking. The use of beige slab tiles and warm lighting naturally draw the eye to the wet zone at the end of this long bathroom. This clever combination creates distinct zones without breaking the flow of the design.

Beige and White Bathroom Ideas large windows filled with natural light and water views, Bathroom ideas in Sydney

4. Make a statement with the Best of the Best

Premium quality, stylish products are functional and stunning. Indulge in a free-standing bathtub or bespoke tap fixtures to accentuate and stylise your bathroom your way.

Bathroom remodels can be as good as a holiday. However, it can be exhausting choosing the right colours, fixtures and finishes. Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens are professionals in bathroom upgrades and have a wealth of technical product knowledge.

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