Top Tips for your Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

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While most home renovation projects tend to revolve around the kitchen or backyard, a bathroom and laundry renovation often comes low on most homeowners’ list of priorities. However, rather than being used as a functional space for our convenience, an expertly redesigned and renovated bathroom can create an oasis of tranquillity.

As many homes in the Sydney area are typically built to create maximum practicality from minimal space, most bathrooms tend to be made with an internal laundry to save space.

So, whether you’re looking for small bathroom laundry room combo ideas, deciding if you should go for a euro-style laundry, or simply seeking inspiration for a Hills District bathroom renovation, this guide will set you in the right direction.

3 things you should consider when planning your bathroom and euro style laundry renovation

1) The bath

What else can provide a sense of self-indulgent luxury than a bathroom with a freestanding bath? As opposed to a built-in bath, you can position a freestanding bath anywhere in your bathroom, creating a space-efficient solution. Adding some elegant taps to your freestanding bath as the beautiful finishing touch to your renovation can make a world of difference to your bathroom. With options such as porcelain, cast iron, stone, ceramic tile, cultured marble, fibreglass, and acrylic, you can add a splash of your personality to your bathroom and laundry renovation.

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2) The showerhead

As the space we allocate to the shower has increased, so has the demand for larger showerheads. In reality, the style of the showerhead is likely to come down to personal preference, and may also be dictated by the water pressure in your property, but our top tip is to ensure that the distribution of water to each nozzle is balanced. It’s also worth looking at a shower head that has silicone nozzles on the spray plate as that can prevent the build-up of unsightly limescale.

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3) Tiles

One area where you can truly personalise your bathroom is in your choice of tiles. From neutral tones to more bold and vibrant colour schemes, you can get creative in this area of your bathroom and laundry renovation, and you could even include some accent tiles for a genuinely personal touch. The type, style, material, texture, and cost options are almost endless when it comes to tile choice, so we highly recommend researching these options extensively before committing to a final decision.

Are you looking for small bathroom laundry combo ideas? Here are our top tips.

Modern living often requires modern space solutions, meaning that many of our laundries are either small or integrated into the bathroom, or in some cases, the washing machine and dryer can be hidden inside a cupboard. Here are some great ideas for making the most out of limited – or no – laundry space for your bathroom and laundry renovation project.

In terms of functionality, the laundry is usually the most challenging working room in most homes. Despite most of us using our laundry every day, our budgets are usually directed towards other areas of the home when it comes to renovations.

By applying a little forethought and expert design, you can transform this usually small and oft-forgotten room into a laundry you’ll fall in love with again and again.

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Why not consider a European laundry?

Like many homes in the Sydney area, space can be a challenge. A practical solution to this common issue is a European laundry – essentially a laundry inside a small cupboard. Depending on your available space, you could stack your dryer on top of your washing machine, or if you have space you could position them side by side to allow for useful bench space. If stacking is your best option, you might consider the Meile or Electrolux Laundry Stacking Kits – both are designed for 10kg washing machines and condenser dryers, with a pull-out bench useful for folding and stacking clothes.

Depending on the amount of available space, there are a multitude of ways to design your laundry. If space allows, you could also include shelves and cabinets for extra storage – all of which could be disguised as a bathroom storage unit. When space is at a premium and every square centimetre counts, a combination washer/dryer makes for an excellent space-saving idea that would conveniently plumb in next to your sink.