Modern white kitchen renovation and upgrade, finished with caesarstone benchtops. Caesarstone bechtop surfaces come with a 10-year warranty.

From cupboard mechanisms, Caesarstone benchtops to waterproofing

Budget, condition of existing carpentry and fittings, and layout are some of the key factors to consider before a modern kitchen upgrade or a modern kitchen renovation. Here we look at a few brands that have been around for longer than most of us and who continue to deliver. Given their popularity in Australia, some of these high quality and trusted brands may already be familiar to you. Caesarstone, Hettich, Häfele and Blum.

Caesarstone benchtops, splashbacks and more

An Israeli company with footholds around the globe, Caesarstone invented quartz surfaces and set the standard in quality. Caesarstone Australia is often turned to for beautiful, long-lasting benchtops but they also produce splashbacks, kitchen islands and wall panels. That’s just the kitchen range! There are products in other ranges you could utilise throughout the home.

Caesarstone surfaces come with a 10-year warranty and offer cleaning and care tips for their products to give you the most out of your products.


Originally a German family owned business and still is, only these days the family includes 6,600 staff members. The Hettich ‘family’ are at the forefront of innovation, leading the way with ingenious, high-quality cupboard mechanisms and smart designs. For most people, a hinge is a hinge but at Hettich, it is a key part of the functionality of a piece of furniture as well as the design. Hettich also produces sliding doors, folding doors, a range of drawer runners and systems and even lighting for furniture and cabinetry. Warranties available.


The Europeans have an eye for detail. Häfele, a German company who is just shy of turning 100 specialises in solutions for wardrobes, laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms with products that range from rubbish bins to furniture handles to pressed sinks. Their years of experience show in their products which gives us the confidence we need to continue to recommend Häfele to our customers. Warranties available.


Austrian third generation family owned company, Julius Blum are, as they state themselves, motivated by motion. Although their products can be used in every room of the house, their primary purpose is for kitchen use. Blum are experts in hinges, runner, box and lift systems, dividers and motion technology. They design with the end-user in mind. Warranties available.

When the times comes for a modern kitchen upgrade or a modern kitchen renovation, the last thing you want to discover are faulty finishes or products that aren’t really durable. That’s why we don’t recommend any products that we wouldn’t have in our own homes. If you are looking at a low budget or a high-end budget, you are going to experience quality products no matter what with Sydney Style Bathrooms and Kitchens. Designing, putting the ducks in a row, demolition, building, connecting pipes, installation of cabinets and appliances and final touches such as faucets and drawer handles (if you opt for handles!) can all be arranged, and we offer warranties on our services as well.

Visit our showroom or get in contact for a free quote. The only risk is that once you have your upgrade or renovation completed, you may wish you had have done it sooner.


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