Modern White Small Bathroom by Sydney Style Kitchens

Time to Spruce Up A Small Modern Bathroom? Tips to Get You Started AND Why We Love the Modern White Bathroom

Building or renovating? You’ll soon encounter a colour palette Monet would’ve envied, not to mention textures, glass, polycarbonate, marble, tiles, laminex, ceramic, silver, brass… Putting a bathroom together can be a puzzle. What suits the space? What feeling do you want it to exude? Who will use it? Here we have ideas to spruce up a small modern bathroom and our favourite – the preeminent family sized modern white bathroom.

Let’s Talk Colour – Greige to Caput Mortuum

When it comes to colour, you have your pick. What we are seeing more and more of is a creative use of whites, beiges, greys and greige in bathroom spaces. Earthy tones are being incorporated as finishing touches giving each bathroom depth while framing key pieces. These colour combinations work in both practical and aesthetic senses.

Good Things Come in Small (and Large) Packages

No matter the size of a modern bathroom, the design is key. Modern bathrooms must function smoothly while offering adequate space and storage. Do you want your bathroom to be somewhere you rush in and out of each morning or somewhere to slow down? Or both? Is it the only bathroom in the house? Where the bathroom is located is also important. For example, a free-standing bath that weighs 70kg may be beautiful but may not be suitable on a second floor.

Where is That Pipe?

You may decide on a layout or theme that you absolutely adore to find that it isn’t possible with the current pipe connections. A designer can help develop a plan to ensure it oozes charm, is functional and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg (and then some). Discussing your bathroom goals with an expert who just ‘gets’ what you are saying is invaluable. Designers also know the ins and outs of the tradesmanship that will go into bringing your design to life. Plumbers, carpenters, tilers and electricians will all have important roles and your designer will know exactly who to call to get the job done.

Why We Love the Modern White Bathroom

  • Clean lines that flow and draw our eye to key features.
  • The classic, free-standing bath (perfect for the children’s bath time or a quiet soak).
  • Natural and artificial lighting reduces power costs and ensures appropriate lighting is always available while maintaining privacy.
  • The shower has enough space for washing without knocking over shampoo bottles. Providing space inside the water closet for a towel and change of clothes prevents slippery floors and keeps water splashes contained.
  • The built-in shelf, hand-held shower head and the seat take the cake in convenience.
  • Variegated beige tiles bring warmth into the space. They also don’t highlight every speck of dust (compared to gloss white tiles) giving you time in between cleaning.
  • Most of all, the modern white bathroom can be finished in a suite of ways, from country cottage to slick and minimalist.